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Hey there! You have just stumbled upon my personal website. Welcome! There are snacks in the back. I am Odysseus Abraham Kirikopoulos, a high school student from Epanomi, Greece. I am involved in a few projects and non-profits, like Simplified Coding, HackOlympia, and the European Youth Parliament. If you want, take a look to get to know more about me.


1st General Lyceum of Epanomi

High School Diploma | Economics & Computer Science

September 2023—May 2026 (expected)

Grade (10th Grade): 17.9/20

Promoted from 10th to 11th grade and will begin attending the General Curriculum and Orientation Group for Science Studies for the 11th grade in September 2024. Actively involved as a Co-Leader of the independently organized Computer Science Club, HackOlympia, fostering a passion for technology and coding among peers.

Gymnasium of Epanomi

Middle School Diploma | General Studies

September 2020—June 2023

Grade 18.7/20

Graduated with a middle school diploma from the Gymnasium of Epanomi, completing the General Studies curriculum. Actively participated as a member of the school-led Educational Robotics & STEM society.


Simplified Coding logo

Core Contributor

Simplified Coding

September 2022—Present

Co-founded Simplified Coding, a website that offers coding lessons for completely free, with no ads in Greek. I developed the first version of the website and created the first lessons. I am currently working on the design of the website and developing more quality courses.

HackOlympia logo



July 2023—Present

Co-leader at HackOlympia, a national wide Computer Science club, backed by Hack Club. I am responsible for organizing weekly meetings and creating and delivering lessons.

Schoolhouse logo

Computer Science Tutor


April 2023—Present

As a Computer Science Tutor at Schoolhouse, I guide students in Python and Web Development. I've worked with students from multiple countries, hosting more than ten sessions, and dedicating over 24 hours of volunteering, with over 20 positive reviews from students.

European Youth Parliament logo


European Youth Parliament Greece

December 2022—Present

As an active member of the European Youth Parliament Greece, I had the privilege of being a delegate on the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs during the 46th National Selection Conference. Furthermore, I was a delegate on the Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age during the 24th National Conference of the European Youth Parliament the Netherlands, as part of the Greek delegation.


Gymnasium of Epanomi

November 2022—June 2023

Developed Cap-O-Meter in the Educational Robotics & STEM society at the Gymnasium of Epanomi. This project aimed to assist schools and institutions in tracking the collection of plastic bottle caps to support initiatives providing wheelchairs for students in need. I was responsible for developing the software of the Arduino device, as well as presenting the project to multiple conferences.

Awards and Participations

24th National Conference of the European Youth Parliament the Netherlands

Delegate (Greek delegation) on the Committee on Artificial Intelligence in a Digital Age

May 2024

Municipality Honors

Honors for performance in Educational Robotics & STEM society

April 2024

46th National Selection Conference of the European Youth Parliament Greece

Delegate on the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs

December 2023

Greek Code Week Hackathon 2023

3rd Place

October 2023

15th Student Conference of Informatics


April 2023

8th Student Robotics Festival

1st Technological Excellence Award

December 2022

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