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Hey there! I'm Odysseus Abraham Kirikopoulos, currently studying at the General Lyceum of Epanomi in Greece. Technology and programming are my passions, and I'm deeply involved in various projects to broaden my understanding and skills in these areas. I'm proud to be one of the Co-Founders of Simplified Coding, a nonprofit initiative aimed at making coding accessible to everyone through free resources and courses, all without pesky ads. From shaping the website's initial version to continuously developing new lessons and brainstorming innovative features, I'm fully dedicated to ensuring that learning to code is enjoyable for all. In addition to my work with Simplified Coding, I also serve as a Computer Science Tutor at Schoolhouse, where I guide students through the intricacies of Python and Web Development. It's incredibly fulfilling to witness the progress of students from diverse backgrounds, and I'm grateful for the positive feedback I've received. Furthermore, I'm an active member of HackOlympia, where I contribute as a Co-Leader. HackOlympia provides a dynamic learning environment for tech enthusiasts across Greece, fostering collaboration and creativity through engaging meetups and workshops. I'm always open to connecting with others to explore potential collaborations or just chat about all things tech. Feel free to reach out—I'm here to connect and learn together!


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I am studying at the General Lyceum of Epanomi

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I live in Epanomi, Thessaloniki, Greece

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I am the Co-Founder of Simplified Coding

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I am a tutor at Schoolhouse

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I am a Co-Leader at HackOlympia

Work Experience

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Simplified Coding

September 2022 - Present

As a co-founder of Simplified Coding, I played a pivotal role in establishing this non-profit initiative aimed at democratizing coding education. From its beginning, I've been instrumental in shaping the direction of the organization, including the development of the initial website version and the ongoing improvement of its features. My responsibilities also extend to content creation, where I curate and create educational resources and courses to ensure coding remains accessible to all learners.


General Lyceum of Epanomi

High School Diploma | Economics & Computer Science

September 2023 - Present

Grade (1st Term, 10th Grade): 17.4/20 Currently enrolled in the 10th Grade General Studies curriculum set by the Ministry of Education at the Lyceum of Epanomi. Actively involved as a Co-Leader of the independently organized Computer Science Club, HackOlympia, fostering a passion for technology and coding among peers.

Gymnasium of Epanomi

Middle School Diploma | General Studies

September 2020 - June 2023

Grade 18.7/20

Graduated with a middle school diploma from the Gymnasium of Epanomi, completing the General Studies curriculum. Actively participated as a member of the school-led Educational Robotics & STEM society. Also served as a Co-Leader of the independently organized Computer Science Club, HackOlympia.


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July 2023 - Present

In my role as a Computer Science Tutor at Schoolhouse, I've had the privilege of guiding students through the intricacies of Python and Web Development. Through personalized tutoring sessions, I've helped students from diverse backgrounds strengthen their coding skills and achieve their learning objectives. With over 17 hours of volunteering, I've received positive feedback from students, with 35 "Super Helpful" reviews.

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Computer Science Tutor


April 2023 - Present

As a Computer Science Tutor at Schoolhouse, I guide students in Python and Web Development, making a positive impact. I've worked with students from ten countries, hosting twelve sessions, and dedicating over sixteen hours of volunteering. Grateful for twenty-five "Super Helpful" and nine "Helpful" reviews, I find fulfillment in witnessing student growth and continuing to make a difference through my role at Schoolhouse.

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Active Member

European Youth Parliament Greece

December 2022 - Present

As an engaged member of the European Youth Parliament Greece, I had the privilege of being a delegate on the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs during the 46th National Selection Conference. It was a rewarding experience to participate in meaningful discussions and collaborative initiatives aimed at addressing pressing societal challenges. I am honored to have been selected for another session and eagerly anticipate continuing my engagement in future sessions.



Gymnasium of Epanomi

November 2022 - June 2023

Developed the Cap-O-Meter as part of the Educational Robotics & STEM society at the Gymnasium of Epanomi. This project aimed to assist schools and institutions in tracking the collection of plastic bottle caps to support initiatives providing wheelchairs for students in need. Through collaborative efforts, the project demonstrated a commitment to social and environmental responsibility while fostering practical skills in engineering and problem-solving.

Awards and Participations

46th National Selection Conference of the European Youth Parliament Greece

Selected Delegate

December 2023

Greek Code Week Hackathon 2023

3rd Place

October 2023

15th Student Conference of Informatics


April 2023

8th Student Robotics Festival

1st Technological Excellence Award

December 2022

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